Negros Philippines

Negros Oriental

The Oriental part of Negros is the Eastern part of the Island and has estimated population of 1,300,000. The economy of the Eastern province is largely base on agriculture and the main products are the corn, copra, abaca, vegetables, flowers, root crops, and exotic fruits like lanzones and rambutan. The main source of income in the coastal areas are fishing and cattle raising

Dumaguete City is the capital of Negros Oriental and one of the larger cities of the Philippines. Dumaguete has a very high English speaking population and high literacy rate. The city is also home to Sillman University which is one of the oldest universities in the Philippines.

The Oriental province has many interesting sights to offer including the popular waterfalls. The WaterFalls at Casaroro and Pulangbato are spetacular and located in Valencia. Other Waterfalls near Mt. Kanloan are Quipot and Pantao located in Canlaon City

Caves are another natural unique site to see and located in Mabinay, Panligawan, and Pandalihan. They have a natural limestone formation that attracts visitors from all over the world.

Some of the most beautiful spots to visit in the Eastern side of Negros are the Twin Lakes, Balinsasayao, and Danao located in Sibulan. Also consider touring the Canlaon Vocano, in Canlaon City, which raised the skyline over 8,000 feet and is the highest peak in the Visayan region.

Negros Oriental

Province of the Philippines located at the central Visayas Region, the province celebrated so many festivals and it is dedicated to a saint who is the patron of the town or cities. If you are looking for some adventure and excitement there are many caves, magnificent lake, waterfalls, a whale and dolphin watching in Bais bay, beach resort and dive site. Most of the people who live in the coastal towns are Cebuano speaking but they can speak Tagalong and Ilonggo.

Dumaguete City is the capital city of Negros Oriental it is commonly referred to "the city of gentle people", for being kind hearted and fun loving, many festival is celebrated in Negros because of the Spaniards influence particularly people from oriental celebrate Sinulog Festival in honor of Sto. Nino, baby Jesus. It is the largest city in the whole Negros Island. Dumagueteno is called to a person living in Dumaguete. It composes of 5 cities and 20 municipalities.
Siliman university in negros oriental
The best educational destination for students because of universities and colleges, the most popular university is the Siliman university the oldest and the first protestant university in the country. A well develop city in the south eastern part when it comes to business and infrastructure it is a good place to invest. Many Shopping malls, night clubs, restaurants name it so many places to choose for fun and leisure.
The majority of people in Oriental Negros are into agriculture industry. Sugarcane, rice, coconut, and corn are the main products that are grown in the province, aside from agriculture business the province has a wide marine resources and fishing is the major source of income in the coastal area. Fish ponds are generally the biggest business aside from cattle ranches. Copyright© 2006 - 2011. All rights reserved