Negros Philippines

Negros Occidental is host to many events and the most popular festivals are the Masskara Festival in October which is celebrated by the Bacolenos (residents from Bacolod). In April there is the Panaad Sa Negros in Bacolod, and the Pasalamat Festival in La Carlota City and the Mudpack Festival of mambukal and the Sinulog festival of Kabankalan City.

Bacolod is the capital of Negros Occidental, known as the sugarbowl of the Philippines; sugar is the main livelyhood of the Provinince. There's a number of sugar mill the Victorias mill located in Victorias City and the Central azucarera De La Carlota located at La Carlota City. Aside from sugarcane, poultry and live stock are industries where Negros Occidental has sharply expand. The province is abundant in mineral deposits like copper, gold, silver and molybdenum also the non-metallic mineral appropriate for agricultural and industrial use, the largest copper mine is located in Sipalay.

Pasalamat festival of La Carlota City, people enjoy the street dancing and a lively drum beats.

Negros Occidental

is the next largest province after Cebu. It is the most charted Province in the Philippines and known for its friendly people and colorful festivals. The western festivals, for all cities and towns, pay a tribute to their patron saints. Occidental Negros has 13 cities and 19 municipalities each with their own festival. Most festivals describe the Negrense and Spanish influence portrayed by the fun loving people of Negros.
Cock fighting in the Philippines has become one of the largest pastimes and sports. Occidental Negros is also referred to being the Rooster land of the Philippines because of the good breed of cocks used for fighting. Reproduction of fighting cocks is one of the noted industries of Negros Occidental as Cock Fighting has become a very large sport for wagering in the Philippines. Negros Occidental exports more than 15,000 fighting cocks to other provinces in the Philippines every month.

Negros Occidental is also famous for its Bacolod Chicken which is a Roasted favorite by the Filipino people.
The western side of Negros is blessed with natural resources, beautiful mountains and waterfalls. Many locals and tourist choose many of the scenic sites to get away to enjoy the natural beauty of the Philippines. Some of these noted sites include the mystic Canlaon volcano and the Guintubdan waterfall. One of the hottest tourist spots is the Paradiso beach resort, in Hinigaran, located in the southern part of the province.
sugar cane in negros occidental
Negros Occidental the sugar bowl of the Philippines, Sugarcane controls the agricultural plantation of the province and it has the huge sugarcane plantation in the whole Philippines. The sugar industry has a big part for the economic growth of Negros province. You can find the best quality of sugar only in Negros. Copyright© 2006 - 2011. All rights reserved