Negros Philippines


Negros Philippines

Negros is one of the most beautiful tropical Island located in the Visayan region of the Philippines. Negros is composed to two provinces: Negros Oriental (central region) and Negros Occidental (western region).
Negros Occidental is home to the Ilongo (or Hiligaynon) language and the Eastern Oriental is Cebuano speaking. The main cities are Bacolod City in Negros Occidental and Dumaguete City in Negros Oriental.

Tourism keeps growing with more than 50 inland beach resorts and the most popular resorts are Punta Bulata located in Cauayan, Jambo Paridise in Sagay, and Lakawon Island (known for its beautiful white sand) is in Cadiz. Other resorts include Mambuka Spring Resort located at the foot of Mt. Canlaon and the Gintubdan Mountain Resort located in La Carlota City.

Occidental is host to many events and the most popular festivals are the Masskara Festival in October, which is celebrated by the Bacolenos (residents from Bacolod). In April there is the Panaad Sa Negros of Bacolod City, the Pasalamat Festival of La Carlota City, the Mudpack Festival of mambukal and the Sinulog festival of Kabankalan City
        Negros Island is located in the South Western Part of the Philippines which is Known as the Visayas Region. Because of its location on the western side of the Philippines it does not usually get hit with hard typhoons that slam the eastern side of the Philippine Islands.        

Negros Island

is located in the southern Visayan Region of the Philippines and host the most beautiful beaches, tourism, and a wonderful place to visit. Find out more about Cities, Tourism, Events, Real Estate, and a complete guide .The best place to relax and have fun with the most beautiful water falls can be found only here in the Philippines with the most hospitable and friendly people. People from Negros are called Negrense which is pronounced Neh - Grah - Nees and are were named that by the early spanards for being dark skinned. Occidental Negros is intensely involve in christianism, majority of the people in Negros is catholic and generally are devotedly involve, celebration of festival and town fiestas each year is strongly observe in honoring the patron saint of each cities and towns
Hospitality, sincerity, and fun loving is what makes the Negrense special; they welcome all visitors with a smile and make them feel at home. Negros Island is a must see tourist spot if you want to visit the real hospitality of the Filipino people.
Negros Oriental:

is the Eastern part of island and known for its friendly people. This Eastern side of Negros is known for its Spanish culture, scenic tourist attractions, and festivals. Many tourists visit the fantastic beach resorts, mountain and volcanic scenery, and the colorful Sinulog festival. The largest city is Dumaguete City which is called home to over 200,000 Filipinos. Cebuano is the main language because of the closeness to the Island of Cebu. Tagalog and English are spoken also if you only speak English you will have no problem conversing with the Negrense people.
Negros Occidental:

is the Western side of the Island and is also famous for its many festivals and friendly people. Negros Occidental is divided into 13 cities and 19 municipalities. Bacolod City, which is the largest in Negros, is the most chartered city amongst all other cities and provinces in the Philippines. One of the most popular festivals in the Western side of Negros is Masskara festival, known as the Mask Festival, is celebrated every 3rd week in October. The festival characterizes the Negrense undying spirit and fortitude that allows them to make it through good and bad times. Ilonggo is the local language in Negros Occidental and is derived for Iloilo which was the early influence to Negros. Copyright© 2006 - 2011. All rights reserved