Negros Philippines

Bacolod City

is the largest city in Negros and is one of the largest cities in the Philippines. It is most commonly referred to the "city of smiles" because everyone is friendly and happy. The capital of Negros Occidental is the most chartered city in central Philippines, fishing and sugar milling is the main industries of the city and it is also the principal ceramic producer the cleanest and greenest city in the Philippines. People will captivate with the Ilonggos melodious accent.

Bacolod is perfectly positioned on a level area, somewhat leaning as it extends toward the sea. The city is 10.0 meters above sea level.

Bacolod City has two distinct seasons, rainy and dry season. The rainy season starts from May to January with heavy rains occurring during the monsoon season months of August thru September. Dry season, which is the summer months, starts in February and last until the last week of April. Bacolod City is the doorway to the sugar rich provinces and towns of Negros Island. It is the central Commerce of the Island and has many malls, shopping, industry, and well as modern facilities, airports, hotels and restaurants that offers a good service, and for those who wants to relax and unwind come to Casino Filipino Bacolod.

The home of the Panaad sa Negros, A Festival that held every year and the Panaad staduim has a capacity of 15,500 and with a standing area that can hold 20,000 people. it beomes the vinue of national and international events with the most equipped Olympic sized swimming pool. The Panaad Park has a mini forest park for leisure. October is the month where the Masskara Festival is being celebrated. A weeklong celebration street dancing competition dancer wear gaily costume and happy mask, aside from the street dancing the Miss Masskara beauty pageant is the most awaited event of the festival.

Residents of Bacolod speak Hiligaynon or what they called it Ilonggo and some people from the south speak Cebuano and English is considered as a second language of the Filipino people. If u want to relax Bacolod is the best place to visit experience the joy of relaxing vacation and taste the mouth watering native cuisine of bacolenos surely you will keep coming back.

Bacolod is famous for the masskara festival which how people from bacolod celibrate with smiles

Bacolod City

is the Capital ofNegros Occidental and it is called the city of smiles because of the friendly and heartwarming people who lives in the city, The most business friendly city not just in the province of Negros but in the whole Philippines. Bacolod is famous for the Masskara festival which happens every October. Bacolod city is the largest city on the Island of Negros and is known for its friendly people and Filipino hospitality.
Bacolod is one of the oldest cities in the Philippines with many churches and old Spanish influence. There are many older buildings and restored Spanish homes and Churches. Bacolod, like most of the Philippines, has a very strong Catholic presence. The oldest church is the San Sebastian Cathedral was built on 1876 it is more than a hundred years. It is one of Negros famous landmark.
Pueblo - This was burned by the Filipino guerrillas on World War 2.
The City of Smiles is the central Commerce of the Island and has many shopping malls, hotels, and restaurants that offers a good service, either you are for business, leisure or just simple wants to relax and unwind there are good hotels to choose from that offers the best amenities that will makes your stay more comfortable and enjoyable.
The first international airport in negros philippines.
Bacolod-Silay International Airport is located in Barangay Bagtik Silay City, 15 km northeast of Bacolod City. It's been operational since last January with the well equipped modern facilities and a high standard service for its customers. The first international airport in Negros Island is easily accessible by taxi or a jeepney. Copyright© 2006 - 2011. All rights reserved